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Friday, December 17, 2004

Holiday Lexicon

For a little Friday afternoon fun, here are a few new words to describe some of those weird and perverse situations we all encounter this time of year (originally attribited to DailyCandy):

Mistleho n. Someone who hangs around under the mistletoe, waiting to get kissed. ("Eve was being such a mistleho at the company party that no one else could get any play from the cute tech guys.")

Eggsnog n. A makeout session that takes place under the influence of eggnog.

Hallmarketing n. The outrageous marketing push that begins two months before each holiday (Halloween decorations in July, Christmas decorations in October).

Santa fraud n. Poorly costumed Santa Claus impersonator. ("Avoid department stores at all costs. They're overrun with Santa frauds this year.")

Dreidel robber n. Someone who cheats young children at dreidel.

Yulezilla n. Someone who goes way too overboard with the Christmas decorations (usually Mom).

Mrs. Claws n. Work buddy's wife whose steely gaze keeps her husband's female colleagues on the other side of the office-party dance floor.

Source: Princepessa