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Monday, November 29, 2004

Blogosphere Doubling Every Five Months

A report by Internet marketing firm ClickZ has found that the number of blogs has doubled every five months ove the last year and a half... harking back to the explosive growth of the Web during the mid- to late-'90s.

Among the other interesting statistics ClickZ cites are:
  • A new blog is created every 5.8 seconds, resulting in 15,000 new blogs being created every day.
  • By the end of this year, 10 million blogs will exist online... but only 1 million will be updated regularly.
  • Active bloggers post nearly 300,000 posts daily.
  • 11% of all Internet users -- 50 million individuals -- are regular blog readers.
  • As most bloggers and blog readers are aware, blog activity spikes during key news events or controversies, though it has been on a sharply upward trend since this summer's political conventions (see chart below).
  • The vast majority of bloggers are under 30, with over 50% being between ages 13 and 19.

Source: unmediated